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I do think it's fair to pin the W/L record on Ben just because he's the QB. We lost 5 games by 3 points. If he gets us 3+ points in one of those games, we're playing next week. Not all his fault, but it probably means he had to make 1 more play. Or 1 less mistake.

His stats were fine. Unfortunately his mistakes often came at the worst possible times. And he seemed to lose a bit of that clutch gene of his. Hopefully an offseason with Haley will help those 2 get on the same page and get this ironed out going forward.

I'm not saying there isn't a lot of blame to go around. But everyone of those losses, Ben also took the blame himself.
Yes. I distinctly recall a quote from Roethlisberger after the 2009 season and passing for over 4000 yds that there was nothing wrong with the offense. Yet they went 9-7 that season and were average in scoring offense. This season really did come down to a few plays (and maybe even a few missed field goals!). Otherwise they are playing next week for another title.

Oh well. Time to talk about next season.