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Eight losses. Lowest sack total in decades from a defense supposedly predicated on pressuring the QB. Lowest INT totals in decades. You call this working?

See below from a Prisuta article which hits the nail on the head:

This is not the defense it use to be because they have the wrong type of players being forced to play a scheme that doesn't maximize their skill sets. So what do we do? Wait several years to get the right players or change the defense to best fit the players?

What do you want? A dominat defense or one "that can win" if everything else goes right?

You are making a huge leap of faith and assuming a lot by claiming a switch to the 4-3 with current players will make the defense "dominant". I don't buy the idea that once a player learns a certain scheme, he cannot be good in another. However, I say that with having no actual playing experience in the NFL so I could be full of [EMAIL="$#@%^&$"]$#@%^&$[/EMAIL].