Contract statuses


NameBase salary

QB Ben Roethlisberger$11,600,000

LB LaMarr Woodley9,000,000

S Troy Polamalu7,500,000

LB James Harrison6,570,000

CB Ike Taylor6,000,000

OL Willie Colon5,500,000

LB Lawrence Timmons5,375,000

TE Heath Miller5,162,000

S Ryan Clark3,500,000

DE Brett Keisel2,825,000

WR Antonio Brown2,000,000

K Shaun Suisham1,425,000

WR Jerricho Cotchery1,000,000

DE Cam Heyward984,548

OL Maurkice Pouncey977,250

OL David DeCastro754,177

OL Marcus Gilbert668,402

DE Ziggy Hood660,000

DE Jason Worilds575,000

DE Al Woods575,000

CB Curtis Brown555,000

CB Cortez Allen555,000

LB Chris Carter555,000

LB Sean Spence500,000

OL Mike Adams480,000

RB Chris Rainey480,000

P Drew Butler480,000

TE David Paulson480,000

S Robert Golden480,000

FB Will Johnson480,000

OL Kelvin Beachum480,000

LB Adrian Robinson480,000

UNRESTRICTED FREE AGENTS Current (2012) salary

LB Larry Foote 3,000,000

NT Casey Hampton2,800,000

WR Mike Wallace2,742,000

RB Rashard Mendenhall1,800,000

DB Will Allen1,280,000

OL Ramon Foster1,260,000

S Ryan Mundy1,260,000

CB Keenan Lewis1,260,000

OL Doug Legursky1,260,000

QB Charlie Batch925,000

WR Plaxico Burress-x925,000

QB Byron Leftwich825,000

LS Greg Warren825,000

OL Max Starks825,000

LB Brandon Johnson700,000

TE Leonard Pope700,000

P Jeremy Kapinos700,000

DB Justin King-x615,000


RB Jonathan Dwyer540,000

RB Isaac Redman540,000

NT Steve McLendon540,000

LB Stevenson Sylvester540,000

WR Emmanuel Sanders490,000

DB DeMarcus Van Dyke465,000

x pro-rated; did not receive entire salary

With this list, you can get a feel for who is under paid and who is over paid. So, using this list write in who you think gives the team value for the buck and those who don't. Remember, we are 13 million over the cap for 2013. Here's mine:

1. Ben is the team, so he is safe in my book even though he didnt close out the season earning that money, he did pre-injury.

2. Woodley. Wow. He didnt show up all season and to be the 2nd highest paid guy on the team (in base salary) just blows my mind. I almost would cut him if I were the GM. Do you give him another season? I guess you have to see if he can return back into a sack machine.

3. Troy, James and Ike. James is the only one I would question here. He did seem to come together at the end, but at his age, what to do? I love the guy, but is his healthy playing days over?

4.Willie Colon is good when he's playing but he's spent more time with the team doctor and trainer then with his team. Another tough decision.

5. Timmons earned his money this year and he stay's put.

6. From Miller down to Adrian Robinson I believe you bring back to camp.

7. Unrestricted FA's...Who to offer

A. Larry Foote - Yes...still adds value to the middle for 3 mil.
B. Casey Hampton - No...Time to let the Steve McClendon experiment begin.
C. Mike Wallace - No...would love to but no way to afford it.
D. Mendy - No...the guy isnt right for this team
E. Allen, Foster and Mundy all need to be re-signed
F. K Lewis is awesome but he is going to command big bucks and I'm not sure we got the money
G. Legs. - doesn't matter...can find his talent at his price all day long
H. Batch - Sure, why not?
I. Burress- See above
J. Starks- Keep if we can keep it low, but he may be able to sign elsewhere for more
K. Lefty - throw him away
L. Warren and Kapinos - sign

8. Restricted FA's

Gotta try to keep all of them and it shouldnt be hard to do.