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Thread: Offseason moves

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    Offseason moves

    These are the moves I would make if I was in charge ...


    1. Get rid of Mendenhall, Dwyer, and Redman.
    2. Draft a RB in the 2nd or 3rd round and play him THIS year, or bring in a free agent RB. More than anything we need a fresh new player for the RB position.
    3. Resign Burress and start him opposite Brown, if they can get a deal done. Would provide a big target and hopefully will teach our young receivers how to play the position.
    If they cannot resign him, then bring in a free agent or start Cotchery. Sanders is not a starter.
    4. Trade Colon for a veteran lineman. Would eliminate 50% of our offensive penalties right there.
    5. Resign Starks for one more year. Possible move Gilbert to guard.

    1. Get rid of Hampton, Keisel, Harrison, Foote.
    2. Start McLendon or give the rookie NT a chance to start.
    3. Start Hood and Haywood and light a fire under Woodley to play better or he is gone next year.
    4. Move Timmons to outside. If possible draft the Notre Dame's LB to play inside. If not, bring in a free agent to play ILB.
    5. Start Taylor and Cortez Allen.

    We need to bring in some veterans offseason to contribute. Even Cowher routinely brought in guys who had big impacts for us.

    And whoever we do draft, I would play them THIS year not wait 3-4 years.

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    I wouldn't mind seeing Burress back as an affordable way to give Ben a big target since Wallace is probably leaving, but not sure I would want to completely clean house on the RBs. Redman, in particular, has been a dependable player who shows up to play week in and week out. This team needs to keep its Redmans, Millers and Harrisons in my view. I am not as concerned at RB. If we can bolster the line and keep it healthy, the running game will likely improve on its own. Not sure I would spend a 2nd round pick anyway when this team has so many other needs.


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