We all know the Steelers can't sign everyone they would like to based on the cap, and in many instances some will have to take a salary cut to stay while others will be gone.

IMHO, I think and hope the Steelers sign Max Starks and Keenan Lewis. These two players are vital to the success of our team and it's hard to replace those positions.
Gilbert has yet to play LT and I wouldn't chance letting Starks go and giving Gilbert the position. Now I believe Gilbert did play LT in college not sure but still the NFL is a different animal. When he played RT he was average. Adams has a good shot of beating the competition out at RT, while he had a rough start in the games he played he settled down and started to play well until the injuries.

Keenan Lewis is just starting to come into his own, the Steelers invested time in the developement of Keenan and it would be a shame to let him walk. It's a tough task to know the LeBeau defense, even the great Troy Polamaula had a difficult time absorbing the defense when he came in.

Personally, I think these two players are priority's. For one they produced this season especially Max, he was consistent all season, and Keenan came on in the middle of the season. Injuries hurt him some, he wasn't really a 100% out there at the end but still held his own.
Some of the older guys like Larry Foote may accept a pay cut to stay, I'm not sure Hampton would so he could be gone. Wallace probably won't be here but Mendenhall still might have a shot if he accepts a reasonable contract.

I hate to say this but one of the favorite steelers in the Burgh is the beard who may not be here. He played well this season but his salary is an issue. If he accepts a pay cut he also could stay. Problem is even with pay cuts the Steelers have cap issues so in all likely hood some popular Steelers may be gone, just keep Max and Keenan!