I call out to all Steeler fans who live in the area: IF you see Tomlin or Ben or Wallace or Colbert, I implore you call to boo and heckle these people as much as possible. Make them pay for creating such an embarrassing season. They need to hear the wrath of Steeler fan. They need to know that putting forth such a lame effort is not to be tolerated. Boo them. At every turn. Make them not to want to show their faces in public. Heck, let the Rooneys know as well.

I am disgusted by the fact that NOW Ben is all boo hoo and sorry for the turd of a season. Oh gee whiz, he apologized to everyone after the fact. Worthless. If he really cared that much, he would have been more focused and not thrown pic 6's that lose the game - not thrown interceptions that directly led to losses against Dallas and Cinci. If they don't feel accountable for their lack of effort, they need to know the fans won't tolerate this crap anymore. Coach Tomlin must have been fine with Woodely being 20 lbs too fat, or why was it allowed to happen? I just saw "A Football Life" featuring Tom Coughlin. In the behind-the-scenes clips, he was constantly on every player who was overweight; constantly telling them what their target weight was and that they HAD TO get down to it. Tomlin must not do this, as, not only Woodley was too heavy, but half of the O line was, as well as Polamalu when he came back. NOT acceptable. Colon is constantly over above ideal playing weight, and yet, all he does is soak up more checks, and get injured, partly - or completely - due to him being far too fat.

Let them hear it. Throw in some "So are you going to actually apply some discipline to the team this year, coach or just allow the team to function in a lazy, uncaring fashion?" Ask Ben, "Are you going to bother to apply some effort this year Ben, or are you going to continue to play unfocused and throwing game-losing pics?" Or, just boo them, in general. They will get the message. I implore all of you: Let them all know that their lack of effort is not acceptable. I can't wait until they start cutting players. They better send some serious messages that this slather, lazy, lackadaisical approach will not be tolerated. Art 2 better cut out each and every part of the problem. No exceptions. And the fans need to do their part - heckle these people at every single chance. It is up to you to send a clear message. Thank you in advance for making a difference.