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Million dollar men should not need an iron thumb to do what is needed and earn there money. One reason the steelers keep vets around forever. Harrison, Ike, Keisel and Polamalu do the offseason work. Antonio Brown followed Ike to do offseason work. Hood did offseason work also. Coaches need to guide the players. Players then need to do what is needed. Some will and stick around. Wallace and Mendy do not seem like they will do all the little things. Woodley better get healthy and do all the off season work. Or he will be on another team at some point.
Fact of the matter is, football players, However well paid, need coaches to push them. For every Jerry Rice there are 500 Lamar Woodleys. NO football team will push themselves as hard as they should. That is why we have coaches and managers, because people will slack off if left on their own, with just a few exceptions.