Don't get me wrong, I will be rooting for the Steelers in this game. I can't help it. Now, that being said, I won't get upset or scream no matter what happens, because I realize the bigger picture here. But here is what a loss would accomplish.

1. Higher draft pick. Don't think a few picks here or there matters? Take a look at the draft and pay attention to what the 10 or 11 pick compares to the late teen picks.



It could be the difference between landing a JJ Watt instead of a Adrian Clayborn.


It can make a huge difference. This game is meaningless. So the higher pick could be the difference between us getting a probowler vs. just a guy.

2. A loss will shake this team to the core. I want them woke up. I want Tomlin to feel heat to get his act together. I now hate seeing him on the sidelines winding up his head set or whatever. The cool act is old and stale. The team sucks in the focus and discipline dept. and that is his job. If he loses this game, he is going to feel the heat from all directions, like when he is out to dinner or grocery store. He is going to get some fire from the Rooneys and he needs it. He clownish, fumbling, bumbling ways need to change. He needs a wake up call.

3. A loss might just make Ben take this more seriously. He is still just a big kid. He is careless. He single-handily lost us key games that kept us out of the play offs - Cinci game, Dallas game, both games were lost because that moron was playing all foot loose and fancy free, throwing pics that lost the game.

"Hey I'm big Toms' son, I screw things up, but it's ok...".

Nothing impacts him. No worries. No accountability. And I, and most of the team, is just sick of it.

4. The loss will reinforce that they need to find a way to get the rushing game going. They have been FAIL. They suck at rushing the ball. It's time to take it seriously.

5. A loss will make them purge the team more and they need it. It is obvious that they have some poor characters players on this roster, and, even though I believe they will already be cleaning house, a loss to the Browns will make them clean deeper. And they need to.