Hey South of Pittsburgh, I live north of Pittsburgh and I'm with you on your post. Wallace had a bad season compared to his previous ones but he still is our best receiver. Same with Mendy, he is our best back that was set back with injuries and Tomlins dog house.
Foote was one of the productive players, why would you let a player like him leave? Has Spense proven anything?
As for Max Starks they better sign him or Ben will be on a stretcher before the bye.
I'm not willing to trust Gilbert at LT until he can prove his ability to play the position. Starks is a proven vet and played well the last few years, he's still young enough to play another 4 years so I hope we keep him.

The reality is we have cap issues and someone has to go. Letting Max go will be a step backwards on offense but the Steelers are in charge not me so I hope they make the right decisions.