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Really? What seemed to be the case more than anything is that Brown and Wallace struggle without the other. What did Wallace do when Brown was out?

What are the Steelers supposed to do? Brown deserved an extension. He has a sub par year after the injury. I would imagine Brown is going to bounce back pretty big next year.

What is Wallace really worth? What he can get and he knows he will get more somewhere else.

He also didn't go all out for this team this year, but that was a lot of guys on the Steelers.
Chadman probably unfairly takes out his frustration on Brown. He is a good player. But the Steelers currently have 3 sharp, agile possession receivers, and 1 deep threat. We are losing the deep threat. Chadman's point- they old have lost Brown and replaced him with Sanders or Cotchery. Who replaces Wallace?