Being swept by the Browns would be the lowest of lows in this injury filled season the Steelers had. Some might feel we might be better off losing to get a higher pick in the draft, but they need to win this game and lay the foundation for next season.

Jobs are on the line here, they'll know who packed it in, so pride is at the forefront but so is individual results on the field.
For me, I not only want our Steelers to win I want them to dominate from start to finish and finish on a good note for the lackluster season they had.
I want to read in Mondays paper, " Where was this Offense during the course of the season".

Some fans think injuries shouldn't of been an excuse for us not playing to our capabilities, but in reality they were. If we had our full compliment of starters all season and ended the same way I could say we just ain't that good, but the fact is injuries hurt us big time. Now injuries isn't the only issue we had but it is the main reason, those drops, mistakes and penalties killed drives and might have been the difference winning all those 3 point losses.