I just don't tknow what the fans expect, that other teams never get any points? The rest of the NFL has a lot of talent. LeBeau has done an excellent job and I don't think age has one thing to do with creativity or innovation. The Steeler defense was again the most impressive and effective unit. The offense underperformed. If the Steelers had a top 15 offense to go with their No. 1 defense they would be in the playoffs and be one of the favorites to win it. Does LeBeau have something to do with the lack of turnovers? I don't think so, except maybe the they could emphasize tackling the ball more than they do. It seems like other teams go after the strip more than the Steelers. Does being old mean LeBeau has no concept of that? No, because that concept is as old as the rivers just like everything else. There is really nothing that is new because everything has been done before, it's just a matter of juggling things and I think LeBeau does it as well as anyone.