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You mean you don't see the value but isn't that exactly what we have done for years to make sweet LeBeau's LB grouping among the best in the league. Aren't we paying something like $25M per season for our four LBs? Something like $16M plus for our two "great" OLBs to get a grand total of 9 sacks? That's the problem. We have been willing to invest for years on the defense and go bargain baement on offense and then we want to blame the offense for all of our faults. We need a much better OL. This is an offense first league not a defense first league. Our great #1 ranking is worthless.

You don't hesitate to criticize my views on players when you have just as much deeply rooted prejudices on your end of the spectrum. You look at any UDFA who makes the team and immediately create "folk hero" status about them like they should get a break just because they started out as a UDFA. Foster is a player on the OL we can do better than. He has to play against the same opposing talent whether he came to the team as a FA, UDFA or #1 pick. No matter what you say he isn't a dominant player and the standard for him isn't lower because he made it as an UDFA. He got ragdolled last week by Atkins and was driven back into the backfield repeatedly. Yes DeCastro did too but one was playing his second pro game and one was a three year vet and two year starter and the latter player is the one you want to make excuses for.

We'll never agree on a lot but that doesn't make either one of us right or wrong.
I congratulate you ovi, that's a lot of hyperbole for two paragraphs.

nowhere have I said foster is a "folk hero" only that he is a much better player than you give him credit for. You act like he is the sole reason for this offenses failure this year. I can assure you that there are much bigger issues than the RG spot. I'm certainly not making excuses for fosters play on sunday as he stunk right along with the two 1st round picks to his immediate right. My point is, and has always been, that I don't believe you need to have 1st round picks and probowlers at every position on the OL. I believe smarter playcalling and smarter QB play can solve a lot of problems this OL has. That, and staying healthy. They have 4 guys right now that were taken in the top 2 rounds within the last 3 years. That's plenty.

another 1st round OG seems like lunacy to me.