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Im so sick of posts about Arians. He's NOT a coach on the Pittsburgh Steelers. Who gives a flying f*ck what he's doing or what some team I don't care about is doing either. Enough already. The Steelers have an offensive coordinator. I root for him to succeed. If he does well, then Ben does well, then the whole team comes alive and wins lots of games.

Haley has been nothing but enthusiastic and professional this year. He's put up with a lot of public sh!t from a diva, douche bag of a QB who didn't embrace change and consider this an opportunity to make something great happen. For the amount he gets paid, the talent he has, and the expectations he should be placing on himself, Ben sure whines a lot. How about see what you can do with the coaches dressed in Black and Gold (not yellow like that worthless song) on your sidelines each week and forget about a guy who's long gone and never coming back.
Agree 100% but doesn't stop many from taking about a self centered, egotistical attention whore named Cowher!