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So, Cowher was a lame duck his last year with a loaded team? Not buying it... Cowher struggled to get to a SB both times.. Tomlin, not so much. Cowher's teams also looked horrible on D in home AFCCGs.

Tomlin took over a good team.and won a SB 3 years later. Not bad...

All that being said I think we need to give Tomlin time to stink it up like Cowher and Noll did before comparing the 2.
I think if COWHER's heart was still in it he would have won another Superbowl by now.
I've always liked Tomlin but I have a few issues with him...but I agree. I'm not going to make a new screenname like "FireMikeTomlinNow" anytime soon....I really hope he continues to grow and learn on the job and don't wish for another bad season to justify getting rid of him. Sadly there are sick people who'd love to see 2 losing seasons just to say "I told you tomlin was no good!"