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    Cowher 2 SB appearances: 1 win, 1 loss. Tomlin: Same. The difference, Cowher built his teams himself and it took time to develop those teams... Tomlin, OTOH, inherited a very solid Cowher-built team as well as some damn good assistant coaches. The thing that disturbs me is the more control and influence I see Tomlin assert each season, the worse the team seems to perform. That bothers me more than reading any stat line. I sat down with my dad last Sunday to watch the only game we'd watched together all season and he looked at me before the game started and said it's probably going to be the same thing today: they play well enough to keep you interested and then find a way to lose it in the final minute. Wow, dad's not Nostradamus, but he nailed last Sunday's game for sure. I can't remember when the last time we came out and actually dominated another team and blew them out. Those performances are so rare these days. I suppose time will tell, but listening to Mike and Mike on Monday morning, they claimed a source inside the FO who says there is about to be a big house cleaning project in Pittsburgh this offseason. We'll see what happens.
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