Every year that goes by, theres always that thought in a fans head saying "what was the reason we didnt win the Super Bowl this year?" and it usually ends up in the blame of thinking that our coordinator sucks, we got screwed by the refs, our head coach isnt that good, our line stinks, our defense is aging. Ive been hearing it all the past couple years. Whenever there isnt a Super Bowl victory, there is always a barrage of the blame game blaming someone or something for the failure of the season. What baffles me is why is it that some fans just can't face facts of reality.

It almost seems that no matter what, some fans think that we are superior to every team in the NFL every year and that we should be expected to beat everyone and if we dont, theres always a reason behind it other than the other team just being better than us. This year as painful as it was, im going to face reality and just say we arent the best team in the NFL and didnt deserve to make it to the playoffs. I can think of a handful of teams that were just flat out better than us this year. Im not going to blame it on the coordinator, coach, o-line, etc. Its easy to make excuses. Im sorry to say but the Pittsburgh Steelers cannot be the best team in the NFL every year. Do they have extreme talent? Did they underachieve? Ofcourse. Were they the best team? Im afraid to say we were not. There were alot of teams that were just flat out better this year.

im hearing most of the blame on the coaches and its fair at times but to an extent. Coaches can only do so much and put us in a position to win. Did our coaches throw a pick-six for a touchdown last game? Throw an ill-evised interception late in the game that should never of been thrown by a veteran pro-bowl qb like we have late in the game? Did they give up a pass late in the last minute to secure the team a game winning fg?

Was it their fault Mike Wallace dropped deep balls this year? That our line gave up sacks like nothing? That our best defensive player was banged up most of the year? That our running back had attitude problems? That Emmanul Sanders couldnt hold on to the ball with no one even touching him on a breakaway> That they gave uo the ball 9 times to the Browns?......ok you get my point by now

The point is there is only so much blame you can put on the coaches. This team just flat out had a bad year, underachieved, and was not the best team in the NFL. I know the blame is usually shedded out to someone and its easiest to blame the coaches but lets just try to face reality.

I truly believe we will have a comback season next year and play anger and hopefully make a run in the post-season and get that number 7.