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Thread: I Hope Haley Stays....

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    What was Haley known for? Utilizing the offenses strengths. What were our supposed strengths? QB & WR's. He designed the offense to have the QB throw quick passes to the WR's. That keeps Ben from taking as many hits and got the ball in the supposed playmakers hands to make plays.

    Things were running pretty smooth. Wallace missed all camp so had to adjust. Brown, Cotchery, Sanders all got injured at various point. Ben missed 3.5 games. The line was in shambles. When healthy the WR dropped passes, fumbled, etc. Ben had his injury or played like crap once he was back.

    Also, the D failed us 2 or 3 games that the offense put up points.

    Next year is a different year...

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    The Steelers will not "fire" him after a single season...It's not the Steeler way.

    However if he has another season of predictable football and continues to ignore the strenghs (or deficiencies) of the team...he should be relieved sooner rather than later...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shoe View Post
    Firing guys you hire one year after hiring them is something that loser clubs do... being reactionary. You have to look beyond, and see the bigger picture. Ben was having a great year until he got hurt.

    you have to give an OC at least two years to get guys comfortable with what he is trying to accomplish. Haley's leash should be at least as long as BA's was.


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