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Thread: Injuries hurt Colbert's draft class of 2012

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    Injuries hurt Colbert's draft class of 2012

    I've read from fans where they didn't think Colbert did that well in the draft recently. I disagree, I thought the picks were good ones and many of them got playing time. If it wasn't for injuries some could of been starters and others contributing THIS year alone.

    If it wasn't for him getting injured in the preseason he would of started@ RG day one, and with playing time through the course of the season could of been really good.

    When Gilbert went down, they pluged Adams in and he had a rough start his first two games but recovered and started to play well....then the injury.

    Spense: Had a good training camp and would of split time with Foote but again his injury kept that from happening.

    Rainey: While not a starter, he contributed during the season. If it wasn't for some dumb penalties from our special teams he had at least two returns for TD's that were called back on account of mistakes. He was pretty good in the return department and contributed his part in the offense.

    Paulson: No spash plays or anything special but he did see the field and contributed.


    Had to go in there without any game experience @ RT, like Adams he had a rough start but did get on the field and contributed. Now with some playing time under his belt we have a back up @ Rt and his playing time should help him next season.

    Colbert's draft gave us one sure starter in DeCastro, Adams as well when Gilbert.went down. Spense could of shared playing time with foote, and all the rest made contributions. When you get that many players contributing our of a draft class, it must of been a successful draft IMHO.
    It takes a few years usually to see draft picks get playing time, often they are on special teams, but in our case we had Rainey get quite a bit of playing time and the rest of the picks at least seen the field and contributed.
    We have 3 picks from this draft that can start next season in DeCastro, Adams, and Spense or at least sharing the time at ILB with Foote. pretty good I would think.

    If we could get draft picks in 2013 like we did this year, the transition may produce quicker results. We don't have to tear down everything, plug in some missing pieces and we could get back to being a good team providing we don't have the enormous amount of injuries like this year.
    Plug in that NT I've been talking about in 2013, and you might see Ziggy and Heyward come alive and be the #1 picks the Steelers thought they would be.

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    I agree. The 2012 draft was solid if not spectacular. Just like most of Colbert's draft given how low we always draft. This year will be a chance to grab some playmakers now that we are going to be about 10 picks higher in every round.

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    My biggest disappointment is Rainey. While spectacular on returns his contributions on offense and as a gunner were pretty weak.
    Here We Go Steelers, Here We Go...
    Here We Go Steelers, Here We Go...
    Here We Go Steelers, Here We Go...!!!


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