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??????? Your going to play two ILB and put a safety or corner on the bench? How do you think this works when teams like New England go 4 and 5 wide?

Your just going to play your base defense all three downs?

That's laughable. The league is turning into a passing league. Corners and Safeties that can cover are becoming more and more valuable. ILB/MLB are becoming commodities. You only need one stud 3-4 ILB. The other one can be had in the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th rd.

Look around the league.
I've seen the Steelers do this many times. A three man front with 2 ILB's and 6 DB's. Or like Ruthless said, 4 down with 2 ILB's and 5 DB's for their nickle package.