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Would anyone consider trading down this year for more picks? I know we don't get to pick this high often, but I'm not real ecstatic being in the middle of the draft. I'd rather be at the top or bottom. I either want a sure fire player or the guy that drops that everyone else forgets about.

I know I always want to trade back. But perhaps this is the year it could have the most likelihood of happening.
Sure...there seems to be solid depth on day two of the draft. We might be better off trading away our first pick and ending up with 4 solid day two picks as opposed to just having one player in the middle of each round. If Te'o doesn't drop far enough and the team doesn't think Ogletree presents great value where we are picking, maybe they trade back for Minter instead. The best RB in the draft, Giovani Bernard, may not come off the board until round 2, so he could be an interesting consideration. There should be plenty of potential safeties that we could grab on day 2 like Reid, Jefferson, Elam, McDonald, etc. Maybe the look at Von Miller's understudy at Texas A&M for an undersized edge rusher in Sean Porter (to go with big-bodied guys like Woodley and Worilds)...it certainly can't hurt that he went up against a couple of potential first round tackles in Joeckel and Matthews in practice everyday. A lot of possiblities here (maybe someone like Miami would like to have back-to-back picks in the first round...they have the ammunition to trade up since they have two seconds and two thirds as a result of the Vontae Davis and Brandon Marshall trades).