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I don't know what the Steelers plans are regarding Ta'amu, first he has a legal hurdle to overcome. If he should get through the legal issues, he may have a second chance with the team but for now it's all up in the air. If he is able to compete for the position, then the Steelers may go in another direction in the draft. At this rate BPA might be the ticket in the 2013 draft as we need help in almost every position.

If we could work out a trade with a team, we might be able to get an extra draft pick for Wallace, as it appears he will sign with another team.
Btw, I'm hearing skuttlebutt that Miami might pursue Wallace.
Although we'll be in the minority- Chadman agrees. NT is a VITAL cog in this 3-4, and it's no surprise that the pressure on the opposing QB has dwindled as Casey Hampton's career has dwindled. A dominant 3-4 NT will soak up an extra blocker, collapse a pocket, and be stout against the run. Right now, we are stout, most of the time.

That's it.

By soaking up the extra blocker, you instantly make the job easier for your DE's to get pressure- something we all want. And if your DE's are getting more attention, your OLB's are getting freer on the outside. NT is the cog that makes the defense turn.

Converesly, if there are no NT's of worth available- the Steelers OL has not dominated the LOS all season. If they could add a dominant OG to play opposite DeCastro & alongside Pouncey, then the running game becomes more effective, Ben gets more time, the passing game improves. Chadman likes Colon, thought he actually played alright at LG, but cap-cost & injury-risk are starting to not add up well. By drafting mid-1st round, the steelers will be perfectly positioned to grab the #1 IOL player on the draftboard.

Those that want a passrusher to replace Harrison- we have him. Worilds. Don't kid yourselves- any new guy coming in will be placed behind Worilds next season. And Chadman will beat the SS/FS drum as loud as anyone, but so long as they invest in guys that fit the system, raw players are fine, as the 'need' for them to start is at least a season away. Foote did not play badly enough to be replaced, so long as his cap figure isn't too bad, and the Steelers will need Vet leaders next season. This would give Spence a year to get back & show if there is something there.

1 position that WILL need to be addressed is TE. With Miller's injury, you'd have to be concerned about him not being ready for the start of next season. Anyone feel confidant about Paulsen starting?