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Thread: Are we blaming Haley too much?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oviedo View Post
    Many want to forget that. It all is on the OL. It dictates what can, or better yet can't be done execution wise. The interior of the OL needs to be dominant (still weak) which is why they can't not consider a player like Chance Warmack in Round 1. Starks needs to get a two year contract to stay. He was the best and most consistent player on the OL this season.
    I agree with Ovi that Starks needs a contract...he was definitely the anchor on the blind side this year...He played very well.

    While the OL play is vital to the success of the offense...I still wonder about the Haley offense.

    I keep looking back at the 4 games that we played against the AFC West....Those 4 teams got to see the Haley offense twice a year for the last few years....

    The Steelers new offense struggled against the AFC West...Struggled is an under statement....We lost 3 out of 4 and barely squeeked out a win against the Chiefs... The offense was unable to do anything in those games....

    Is the Haley offense that predicatable? Does he really mold the offense to the strengths of his players?

    Yes and No....

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    Quote Originally Posted by fezziwig View Post
    Turnovers are this offenses problem. I can put a little on the injuries but, the game plans I thought took care of the injury bug with Ben having his opportunities to get rid of the ball quickly. Ben did hold on to the ball too long at times, not like years gone bye. Ben throwing interceptions, interceptions for touchdowns doesn't help. Ben isn't as accurate either at times. I put a lot of the losses on Ben, Tomlin not sticking with a runningback. I also put blame upon whomever gave Colon such a big contract and that we are stuck with his sorry butt. Mr. Hold, Mr. False Start, Mr. Revolving Door, MR. IR is everything Willie is about. He can fool some of you at times with a good block or one or two good games a season but this guy is the root to all evil.
    As soon as Tomlin seen Foster can't handle the left side at guard, they should have placed Legursky at center, Pouncey at RG and Foster back at LF. Even with all that, if Ben wouldn't have thrown the picks the above mentioned wouldn't have mattered.
    Also take what you can from the poorly coached team with AB always screwing up with unsportsman calls, fumbles, running out of bounds when he shouldn't. That's all from being poorly coached or not respecting the coach or team as he should.
    Kiesel, I'm glad he got the flag. I hate seeing that crap and someone should have known or told him his day was coming with the stupid pose he does after a sack. Again, poorly coached.
    Tomlin with his missed 53 yard fieldgoal mixed in wth his poor clock management, his red flag stupidity over the years and this teams lousy way of drafting players and developing players and all the big money players, old players, injured and not producing players.

    I give this franchise another 19 to 25 seasons before we win another super bowl.. The Rooneys will stick with Tomlin until they can't take no more of him and that will be another 15 seasons. Tomlin inability to draft, develope players will kill it for whom ever will take his place. I believe in the past I said this team will go 6-10 or 8-8 so, it's not Monday morning frustrations, I lost all respect for Tomlin two season ago when I realized he was more a figure head than a coach.
    He doesn't have smarts to take away what other teams do well. He doesn't put the opponents against the wall.

    I'm glad we loss to the Bengals, I couldn't stand to see this team get slapped around in the playoffs.
    Ouch! that's quite a laundry list. Tomlin has proven he is not the most brilliant in-game decision maker as you note. But I don't think it is reasonable to put the draft totally on his shoulders...too many others in the organization that probably have a say in the picks.
    As Cowher liked to chirp, 'it's a fine line' to win in the NFL. Unfortunately, the Steelers were on the other side of that fine line too many times. Injuries leading to lack of consistency, leading to inexperienced subs on the field, leading to missed opportunities on both sides of the ball.

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    I don't think it's ALL Haley, but the offense is somewhat predictable.yesterday I think we ran the ball on EVERY first down. The dink and dunk HAS to set up the long ball, or something, but it doesn't seem to lead to much. It's ok to go for a first down on 2nd down instead of always trying to get into 'manageable' 3rd downs.

    I see EVERY team we face run timing patterns. With Wallace, Brown, and Sanders speed we should have no issues running timing patterns where the WR run off the DB's but I do think it is Ben that can't make those throws. The guy just cannot unload the freaking football. I swear he has blind spots and a poor sense of timing.


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