I agree Chadman, we definitely DID NOT win the battles along the LOS all season long. It could very well be that simple, but methinks not. I think there are a variety of problems with the team right now. I think the QB is a self-centered ego-maniac, though a very talented one, and ego-maniac can be a good thing in the right balance when it comes to being "the" guy. I think that balance was lost this year when Haley entered the picture. I think Larry Foote is a big hole in the middle of our defense, he can't cover and is often too slow in pursuit to the RB. He showed flashes in the pan blitzing this season, but in all he was inadequate. Our WR's failed to get open consistently down the stretch, which caused Ben to fall back into old habits of holding the football for an eternity and that led to too many sacks (along with woeful OL play) and forced throws which in turn led to turnovers. Couple with all of that the tendency for our WR's to drop passes and also to fumble the ball, hell sometimes without even being hit. That's more disaster, and we were just giving the ball game away. Add to all of that the inability for this entire team to stay healthy. I mean, was there a player this season who didn't miss time due to some sort of injury? I think Timmons and Keisel played all season if my recollection serves me correctly. This off-season presents plenty of time for gut-checking, and this team needs to do just that at length.

This has been a pretty crappy year of football all the way around, my only hope is we don't have to sit and watch the Pats* or the Ratbirds in the Super Bowl. That would be the arsenic sauce on the sourkraut and toadstool sandwich that we called the 2012 NFL season.