Tomlin's defense is soft and easily solved on 3rd and any to go, he has no clue what's going on offensively as the team has no identity and is built to throw 40+ times a game yet they want to continue running for a yard and a half 2 out of every 3 downs outside of the 4th quarter and the last 2 minutes of a half, doesn't go for it on 4th down at times he should, seems confused about using timeouts, hires terrible assistants, etc. Kevin Colbert has built a pretty good team but unfortunately he can't coach them. As a wiseman said years ago....this team would be garbage when Cowher's influence ran out and Tomlin had to actually coach his own players. This team is now complete and utter garbage.

Oh and because I know Tomlin is African-American and upon criticizing an African-American you are deemed racist so please just don't play the racism card.