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Thread: Be Real: Tomlin is not a very good coach

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    Quote Originally Posted by squidkid View Post
    barry switzer was a much better coach than tomlin
    He was obviously better than Cowher since he beat him the Super Bowl. Not so sure about Tomlin.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Snatch98 View Post
    I'm sorry but this is just digging for something to explain the crap season.

    1. Ben is difficult, it's something we've all known for a long time.
    2. Prior to the injury of Ben he was having a very good season but the rest of the team was either fumbling or simply not catching the damn ball.
    3. Injuries, injuries, injuries. I had hoped someone would have broken it all down but I may just end up doing it if for no other reason that to see just how messed up this season has been.

    I could continue with that list and Tomlin is far from perfect but you aren't going to sit back and go all chicken little on all things Steelers because we're having a crappy year. If the team stayed healthy and the receivers played like they've played in the past we wouldn't even be talking about this right now as we'd have one of the top seeds in the AFC. It's been a bad year that isn't the result of any one thing in particular but rather a crap wrapped Christmas present of minor things that made a larger problem.
    I've defended Tomlin when it's warranted, but also see it as completely fair to ask some questions about his coaching. He rose up through the ranks pretty quick. Did he really get enough time to learn how to be a great coach?

    He seems like a natural leader. But does he have lots of experience in the details? He had a short stint with Dungy. The won a SuperBowl with Gruden who got a good team over the hump. Then he spent a year in Minny.

    Does Tomlin have a system? A philosophy? He's interesting amongst coaches in that he comes here and doesn't have his own system to install. So what we could be getting now is the leadership and experience with little to back it up in terms of experience.

    We may still need to let him learn on the job. He does seem to have challenges impacting change. A lot of the problems we have year in and year out continue into the next season and the next season without fixes. ST and OLine come to mind. They're problems yearly.

    We finally seem to have fixed the DB issue with a mix of young players and coaching. Maybe we can do something similar with the OLine and ST next year?

    But Tomlin needs to find good assistant coaches to help him out. And I wonder how much Rooney being in Ireland is having an impact?

    You could argue Tomlin seems to have followed the path of Gruden. Both very charasmatic guys.

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    Some of us Steeler fans are seeing the writing on the wall before others in my opinion. Tomlin teams seem to slide a bit more south each season and I don't mean the game records with wins and losses but at the end, the losses are due to Tomlins inabilities or his lack of coaching. The list does have some valid points of how this team has slid in categories unlike previous Steeler teams over the years.
    Cowhers act was getting old and with all his AFC losses, a little of me died as a Steeler fan in each of those losses.
    Tomlin now has picked up where Cowher left off and he's doing it at a much faster rate. Tomlin as a head coach has made some bone head discisions in his day and now with this team being mentally weak with pentalties, turnover/lack of turnovers, disciplinary issues with the players, not recognizing whom to start and the above mentioned list , we are witnessing the Tomlin slide.

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