Maybe it's a good thing the Steelers lost today. They would have been the weakest team in the playoff field, and undoubtedly would have been one-and-done. It would have been painful watching them try to play against a play-off caliber team.

Hopefully, this year's finish will awaken those in charge to some of the changes that need to be made. Maybe the team needs to make a statement by dumping one or two of its highly paid, but underperforming "stars". Maybe we need to blow things up a little bit, and get a new start next season. Maybe we can get a couple of playmakers in the draft.

There are a few of our young guys that show some around them. Time to draft a good QB and begin to groom him. I'm not saying that Ben shouldn't be the starter next season, but I have to think he's on the downhill side of his career now, and we'd better be looking beyond him. This team needs to have a reliable #2 QB anyway.

There's always hope for next year. Just so sad to see this year wasted the way it was.