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Thread: Mercy Killing

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    Mercy Killing

    Maybe it's a good thing the Steelers lost today. They would have been the weakest team in the playoff field, and undoubtedly would have been one-and-done. It would have been painful watching them try to play against a play-off caliber team.

    Hopefully, this year's finish will awaken those in charge to some of the changes that need to be made. Maybe the team needs to make a statement by dumping one or two of its highly paid, but underperforming "stars". Maybe we need to blow things up a little bit, and get a new start next season. Maybe we can get a couple of playmakers in the draft.

    There are a few of our young guys that show some around them. Time to draft a good QB and begin to groom him. I'm not saying that Ben shouldn't be the starter next season, but I have to think he's on the downhill side of his career now, and we'd better be looking beyond him. This team needs to have a reliable #2 QB anyway.

    There's always hope for next year. Just so sad to see this year wasted the way it was.

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    I thought the same thing in the FIRST HALF.

    Loved watching the DEFENSE play...was hoping the offense would find their rhythm in the 2nd Half. Guess that was just wishful thinking.
    Here We Go Steelers, Here We Go...
    Here We Go Steelers, Here We Go...
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    Mercy killing indeed.

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    Downhill side of his career????!!!!!


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    I agree in that today was a mercy killing. I will never root for the Steelers to lose and usually my week after a loss starts out rotten but I was ok with this one, kinda saw it coming, wasn't surprised by the last minute pick. It's just been one of those years. Although I hate to admit it, Ben is in his prime, hopefully we get 4-6 more good years out of him.[/quote]

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    hard to argue.

    bad football team.

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    What an embarrassment on the 40th anniversary celebration of the Immaculate Reception.
    It would be an embarrassment on any other day, too.

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    This was not a good, competitive team. They had the opportunity to win multiple games this year they lost. Hopefully they regroup and come back strong next season.

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    Bring on the draft, however who is REALLY surprised we lost? It almost seemed preordained no matter how much we wished and hoped for another outcome. The offense was inconsistent and the defense can't consistently get the game changing plays when they need them.
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