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Tomlin's got a good track record. And the Rooney's don't make overreactions. But so much is in complete disarray. And Tomlin doesn't seem to have control of anything.

We've got guys all over the field half arsing it. ST is a wreck. The O is a wreck. Our punter is a wreck. Our decision making is a wreck. Our D has played good, but it has fundamental problems.

The players seem to have quit on him. I feel silly asking this question, but seeing how he's completely lost this team, you've gotta wonder where we go from here.

The offseason should be interesting.
Funny, but I got universally flamed for asking the same thing 1 week ago. But I agree: as lost as this team is, they should at least consider the head coach spot. Did you see how he didn't bother to get upset until after Cinci kicked the game-winning FG? Way to go, Mikey. You could really make an impact with 4 seconds left.