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i effin can't stand steelers fans.

you are unbelievable.

without ben we have ZERO superbowl appearances in the past 8 years. not to mention 2 superbowl wins and an additional appearance.

just shut up!!!
Sorry to disappoint, but I won't shut up. Who died and made you boss?

Undoubtedly, we owe a debt of gratitude to Ben for his contributions in past years. I'm thankful we've had him these past 8 years.

But does that mean that we can't come to a point where we recognize that his performance isn't what it could be, or once was? Hey, let's suit up Terry Bradshaw...and I can't believe anyone would ever argue with that notion or say otherwise...because, after all, without him, we would have 4 less superbowl wins than we do.