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Thread: Which Steelers do you think make the Pro Bowl ?

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    Which Steelers do you think make the Pro Bowl ?

    Here is my picks:

    1. Miller

    2. pouncey

    3. Ben


    1. Clark

    Special teams:

    1. Suisham

    Note: I would of picked Ike Taylor if it wasn't for his injury, he was a part of that #1 pass defense. Ben was having a good year until the last few games, but I still think he may make it. Actually I hope none of them play, that means we're still rolling.

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    Pouncey, Clark and Suisham. I really want to see Heath get in there but with the AFC Tight ends and the way the voting almost always is I doubt he gets the love he deserves. I also think Ben's injury sets him back from a sure fire lock. The guys on 93.7 the fan were talking about this the other day and they didn't seem to confident we'd have a bunch.

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    The Pro Bowl means nothing to me. The only word that fits before Bowl is Super. Winning out would mean alot.

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    Hopefully we're busy that week and it doesn't matter.

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    Believe it or not, Lawrence Timmons is one of the best ILB in all of football. He deserves to be a pro-bowler. Great season by him.
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    Who f ucK cares? We didn't make the playoffs. F uck the pro bowl

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    Who cares if any of them make the Pro Bowl? It's a meaningless game. I'd be happy if no one on the team made the Pro Bowl if we could go to the Super Bowl.


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