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Thread: Understanding Steeler Defense

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    Watched the 1974 Steelers on NFLN. Talk about a dominating defense! Everyone one of the DL had the ability to dominate their man. When teams tried to double one guy, it was easy pickings for the guy left one-on-one.

    I honestly don't have a beef with LeBeau's philosophy. As others have said, the strategy is to keep it a one-possession game. And if you have a franchise QB, it should be a win against bad defenses and at least 50-50 against good ones. If you look at the Steelers record over the last 10 yrs, this is exactly how it has worked out.
    Win home games, split against good teams, win against bad teams and this generally leads to a playoff spot. If the Steelers don't learn to take care of the ball, then none of this philosophy works. But does that mean you change your philosophy, or do you find players that can play to it?
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