This season, Tomlin benched Mendenhall and "demoted" Wallace due to performance issues, moves I applaud. Why does he never do the same kind of thing with defensive players?

For instance, why is Casey Hampton still the main man at NT? It's been a long time since the play of one of our DLinemen been as underwhelming as Fatty's has been this season. When McLendon is in, he makes plays. So... let's mostly keep McLendon on the bench and keep the Blob in the game? How does that make sense?

And what has big LaMarr Dudley been doing all season long? I don't know if Worilds would do any better, but I sure don't think he could do any worse.

With both Hampton and Woodley, it's not like they just had a bad game or two--it's been the whole season. So why doesn't Tomlin sit their hineys on the bench like he does with underperforming offensive players? Is he afraid he might light a fire under some defensive players? Is he afraid of King LeBeau? Is there some kind of edict that says if you're paying defensive players big money, they have to play whether they deserve to or not? What's the deal?