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I thought he might be saying it on purpose too. But then I thought, James just says whatever is true. I remember Farrior saying when he was in his first practices with the team, he didn't understand the D and he didn't bother faking it and just threw up his arms and told the coaches to take him out cause he didn't know what he was doing. Being calculated is hard for people that are blatantly honest.

His strip last week was fierce. But did you also notice the next 3 times he took a guy down he wrestled the ball out of the guys hands even after the tackle. He was seriously going after the ball. He looks like he's back and angry on the field.

Mike and Mike commented they were surprised how nice Harrison was. Greeny thought he would be terrified to speak to him. And was going on after the interview how decent a person James is.
I was kind of surprised how civil he was as well. I find it hilarious that someone as beastly as James scares Greenie. That is funny. I love how they play on how weak Greenie is all the time. It is a good shtick.