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I remember hearing never bet on a Pittsburgh game growing up like it was the gospel.

Might not be true and might just be cause I pay attention to the Steelers, but there seem to be a lot of fishy games vs the spread.
I totally have seen very fishy games. I think since Pgh is such a high profile team means they always have lots of $ being in play in their games. The SD game a few years ago when they called back the Polamalu TD at the end of the game, that would have had Pgh cover the spread was beyond bull sh-t. No one can convince me the fix wasn't in on that one. There was no logical reason to call that TD back, and it was a $9 million swing to the bookies JUST in Vegas alone. I don't know how they do it (get to the refs) but they definitely DO IT. I am guess a bowling ball bag in an airport or bus locker could be involved. Even if these refs make well over six figures between their jobs, they could easily be swayed by $25-$50 k to make lopsided calls. $25k is nothing compared to what the bookies, mob, Vegas make out of it. NOTHING.