I think all of us want to see our Steelers in the post season as anything can happen once there, however I also believe the fans confidense of them making a run isn't there.
We have to come to the reality that we just might not be good enough to sustain and stack some wins, as the picture gets vividly clear and the facts support that reality.
Injuries this year on both units put us behind the eight ball as we couldn't get continuity, first it was Harrison have surgery in August that kept him out in the beginning of the season. Then our offensive line from beginning to now had to shuffle players in and out on a weekly basis it seems, and now the secondary. In that span we also had several of our backs injured at one point or another and it appears they haven't recovered to be 100%, and you can include Woodley and Polamalu too.
Our sack record this year is the lowest in years, our run production is suffering, and the mistakes being made, penalty's are killing opportunities that keep drives alive.
I've heard some fans say we might be better off losing our remaining games and select a high draft pick next year, for me I want the playoffs as I think most Steeler fans do, the Holidays will be here shortly and without our Steelers in the hunt it won't be the same.
I hate to admit this but there is a strong possibility the Bengals could end our playoff hopes this Sunday, all you have to do is look at what transpired over the course of the season which will give clues to how good we are.
Our front seven can't get pressure on the QB, and when you combine that with our injuries in the secondary it creates problems stopping teams and we have to rely on our offense to bail us out. Problem is, our offense is having their own issues, running the ball is one of them and the mistakes at critical times in the game hurt our chances.
As I said the hope is there, but ask yourself do you really think we could run the table? I have my doubts which I hate to admit. We can't just turn it on like magic to make that run, but for me I hope they do and prove me wrong.