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Thread: Steel Resolve: An in-depth look at the life of Baron Batch

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    Batch will do more good off the football that really matters in this worlkd than he ever will on it. That is why I pull for him so much to be successful in his time as a Steeler. He deserves to have some success come his way because you know he will turn it into something good and not be just another jerk athlete.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slapstick View Post
    And yet, he'll probably be active for the Steelers next game while Mendenhall is a toss-up...
    Person between him and coach.

    Cut both and who has a job tommorow?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Captain Lemming View Post
    Person between him and coach.

    Cut both and who has a job tommorow?

    the one week Batch was on the practice squad, another team tried to add him to their active roster. So proof would show that Batch would, but Mendenhall is an unknown.

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    Watching what little we've seen of Batch, and from his college days- here's hoping he can develop into the 'new' Mewelde Moore. If he can be a reliable 3rd down guy, pick up blitzes, that sort of thing- he'll find a niche.

    So far, the production cupboard is bare.

    Chadman wonders if, with Mendy likely gone, Batch might get an opportunity in Camp next year to try stepping in to that 3rd down role.

    Don't know. Regardless, he's hard to 'not like'.
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