I also rewatched the Dallas game. Let me add a little perspective; the Steelers were down to their 4 and 5 CBs in a game where the opponent was 8th in the NFL on offense. Despite this fact, the Steelers were in front and in control of this game late until the AB fumble. As I rewatched his return it was clear that had he not fumble, he had a lot of room to run and could very possibly had scored. This one play change the outcome of the game in my opinion because the defense had actually begun to slow Dallas down and forced a kick on the previous series.
I am not saying the Steelers are a good team right now, but I disagree that they are a bad team. They are a few plays away from having a division leading record. It might happen and it might not, but we all wanted to see youth playing this season and now we are getting our wish.