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Thread: Ben sorry, Rashard not, as Steelers' soap drama continues

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    I have a feeling Mendenhall has his own Fathead hanging on the wall and is his own biggest fan. He comes across as the type that thinks he is just so much smarter or clever then those around him. I would be willing to bet he is out of football within the next 4 years or a third stringer somewhere else.

    This isn't a rash thought after hearing his smugness regarding not even showing up to support his team, but I have just perceived something about him and his interaction with the team that just gives me the impression he isn't a real good fit here.

    Is part of it he is really Bettis replacement as the franchise back and cost us a first round pick in the draft and he can't fill those shoes?
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    Is it too much to ask that these guys just try to be a productive member of a TEAM !!!

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    Horrible response from Mendenhall... there is nothing worse than a football player who thinks he is a genius. The fumbles will continue...

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    Quote Originally Posted by NorthCoast View Post
    The second half of his statement is telling. Says him not showing up to the game was calculated and intentional. He was making a statement. I just wish these guys would make statements with their PLAY and not their mouths. Too many talkers on the team, and not enough doers.
    What "talking"?
    Dude is trying to avoid talking while being battered with questions.

    You are correct "him not showing up to the game was calculated and intentional. He was making a statement."

    His "statement" was in fact an action (or lack thereof).

    Criticize this all you want but he aint being a "talker" at all.

    He is in fact letting "actions" speak for him. They speak loud and clear.

    The actions just are not what us fans want to see.


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