I sat through 6 Ravens fans that did nothing but taunt 3 rows in front of me at Heinz Field until Troy went pick 6 on the Ravens and they were notin there seats when the crowd was done going nuts.

i could not find my 59 year old dad after we played the Jets in the last AFCCG until 20 minutes after the game and he emerged with a broken nose because a Jets fan assaulted him in the bathroom after my dad uttered 'man, good game until the end' an the Jet fan punched him in the face.

At the last Ravens playoff game my buddy loft a snowball lightly in a joking manner only to have 6 Ravens fans approach him over it and a brawl break out over a casual joke.

Unless any 'Steelers Fan' was 100% sure from the city, I wouldn't be shocked if the fan in your adopted city lived 2 blocks from you.