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I won't take my kids and have passed on opportunities to go to games because of the number of drunks that surround you at them. It has gotten totally out of hand. Unfortunately, someone is probably going to have to get killed before the Steelers and the NFL crack down on the drunken idiots who go to games. The viewing experience is much better at home courtesy the the NFL Ticket and La-Z-Boy.
There was a kid that got killed after a Phillies game a few years back. I think someone's got shot after a Raiders game too. There was a SF fan that got beaten at a Dodgers game until he had brain damage.

The link I provided above shows people many years ago wearing suits to sporting events and being well behaved. It suggests that the downfall of society is what leads to people doing stupid stuff.

In the past families stayed together, now most people are divorced. And people don't go to church and believe in God like they used to. So the only place they find they belong is with other like minded sports fans. But there's no moral basis for the group like there would be in a family or church.

I never really considered this before, but the biggest downfall not only for sports, but life in general is the disappearing family and God.