Dallas allowed Josh Brent on the sidelines, the week of him drunk driving and killing his passenger teammate from the wreck. He wasn't even an active roster player to begin with, yet they let him hang out on the sidelines, where he could be seen laughing and smiling. Now, I know everyone can make a mistake, and I am not indicting the guy for the rest of his life, but how would you feel if you were the other guy who died family? Would you be OK with the team allowing Brent to laugh it up on the sidelines, to which, I don't think previous to this he was allowed on the side lines (Practice players don't hang on the sidelines during games, do they?) Whoever made the decision to allow Brent on the sideline, and whoever OK'd it (Jones?) needs to re-evaluate if that was such an appropriate move.

Then there is KC Chief's Belcher, who allegedly committed the murder-suicide, and who's teammates made a shrine of his locker. Some questioned if it was appropriate to make a shrine of a guy who just murdered his baby's mother, and himself, making his infant an orphan. Do you really want to make a shrine of his locker? Granted, it's up to the individual to decide how much they want to judge the guy, but by making a shrine of his locker, is that not a slap to the face of the parents' of his slain girlfriend?