...one of those teams actually beat us (TN) and we barely beat the other one (Jets). That tells you where this Steeler team really is. Even with the "good" teams we thought were big wins for us are turning out that even those teams were way overrated and not very good at all (Ravens, Giants).

By the end of the season, it is fully determined with regards to what teams are what. It is becoming every increasingly evident that the Steelers are not a good team. They are average, at best. We are wasting our seasons with a franchise QB and the window is closing. They cannot afford another season like this. They had better fix whatever is broken and have all the bad attitude people gone, which I believe are at least Wallace and Mendenhall, and possibly Sanders. I remember Willie Parker, during the 2006 season (1 year after the Super Bowl win), when things were going so bad, said, "Last year we all had each other's backs. This year, it's not like that at all." What he was referring to was chemistry. Good teams have it. The Super Bowl winner has it. Bad teams don't. This team has a major chemistry problem, which happens when you start lacking leaders and, instead, have bad apples spreading crappy attitudes, causing division on the team (See Wallace, Mendenhall, Sanders).

The Jets are an even bigger mess than we are; I see them ditching the GM, Rex, Sanchez. At least we know who our cornerstones are: Ben, Pouncey, Brown, Miller, DeCastro, Harrison, Timmons, Ike, and a few others. But we desperately need to weed out the crap and add in quality. During this year's draft, they better ask, first and foremost, "Does this player have good character" before they draft them. We need a windfall of high character players to balance this out.