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Thread: One big Steelers blunder: Kraig Urbik

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    Quote Originally Posted by ikestops85 View Post
    I still remember someone on this site posted that Urbik was not a practice player but did great in games. I think that has proven to be true. The Bills had a lot of injuries and stuck Urbik in a game. He has played well since. I think he even played a lot at center one year.

    I thought we gave up too early on him but hey, everybody makes mistakes, even the Steeler heirarchy. I'll take the Steelers track record on personnel decisions and match them up against any other team.
    You need look no further then the player in your sig picture. We are just lucky the Rats cut him too!

    Look at Starks. It's pretty obvious Tomlin doesn't like him for reasons other than his performance.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ikestops85 View Post
    I disagree. He is a very decent backup center who would start on many teams in this league.[/QUOTEn

    I agree.. Legs is good at Center... but horrible at any other position. I didnt notice a drop off when Legs replaced Pouncey.. not saying he is as good as Pouncey but he wasnt a liability.
    Bronko Legursky was also decent as a situational goal-line fullback (back when Arians didn't employ an actual fullback).


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