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    Hello everyone!

    I'm a new member here, and hope I can contribute to the discussions here as I navigate the site to get acclimated. I live in the Burgh, and got to tell ya we have some angry fans looking for answers to our Steelers issue's.
    I won't never throw in the towel on our Steelers, I hold out hope we can turn this around and hope that fat lady doesn't sing this weekend.

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    Never throw in the towel...just keep waving it. Welcome.

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    Welcome to the best internet therapy site for Steelers fans.
    Steel City Mafia
    So Cal Boss (Ret)

    My son's first Kansas Turkey!

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    I'll be waiving that towel like crazy this weekend, we must rise to the challenge.

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    Hello to looks terrible what you have wrtitten but there are some special social programs for football players and theirs families I thinnk so...
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    great home is a great


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