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Really? All he has been has been "potential" without every delivery game-changing plays. When is it time to realize that if "potential" doesn't happen for 4-5 years, it is no longer potential, but a FAILED, UNREALIZED potential?
Oh, a failure?

847 rushes, 3,480 yards, 29 TD's, 75 catches, 660 yards, 2 TD's.... what a horrendous player.

Remembering that Year 1 & Year 5 of Mendenhall's career have been washouts through injury.

If that's a failed player- there must be very few success stories in the NFL. You can not like a player without disregarding what his abilities are. Fact is, Mendenhall offers more game changing ability than the likes of Dwyer & Redman, and if the Steelers lose their other game changing player- Mike Wallace- they might need someone that can break a game open.