If we are placing bets- put Chadman down for the 49ers. That young QB they have will be a knock-out player, and if they give him a decent deep threat- that franchise turns into a powerhouse once more.

Funny how we all base our opinions on Wallace's 'worth' on this supposed "Top 10" money- a claim that Wallace has refuted, and has never been given any substance outside of a couple of 'reports'. A few people have their nose out of joint because they are convinced he's not "Top 10" WR worthy. Fair enough. But that doesn't make him a worse WR, less valuable, than a Lance Moore. That's letting the anti-Wallace bias shine through.

Wallace is the best WR in Pittsburgh. He is a more valuable WR than Antonio Brown. He should be paid more than Brown, and he will be. Just not in Pittsburgh. By signing Brown to the contract they did, the Steelers effectively shut the door on negotiations with Wallace. Brown is a good player- but they have 2 other guys on the roster that play a similar role to Brown in Sanders & Cotchery. If they couldn't sign Brown, either of those 2 could have stepped up & filled that role.

There is no other "Mike Wallace" on this roster. Losing him means replacing him from outside the organisation. The team will be weaker for losing him. With holes appearing at Safety, ILB, OLB, NT, RB & along the OL- can the Steelers really afford to invest a high pick in a WR?

Chadman's problem with the whole Wallace thing is that the Steelers had one of the most, if not THE most, promising stable of WR's in the NFL- and they had a chemistry with Ben, which elevated them to being the top unit on the roster to lean on at gametime. None of the 3 "Young Money" crew were complete WR's. Yet, combined, they were as dangerous as you could get. Whatever monetary 'value' you place on it- these guys were worth the investment. Is Wallace 'elite'? Who knows? He's an elite threat- not many teams have as dangerous a player on their roster. And Ben likes throwing to him.

They lost Ward, Farrior & Smith last year. Hampton will go this year. Mendy too, probably. The Steelers were an elite group a couple of years ago- but they are losing key components of the squad. But most of the components they are losing were old, and declining. Losing Wallace hurts because you are losing an improving, key component.