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That may be our best hope for retaining Wallace. Good teams already have good #1 receivers. Wallace is most going to be in demand by teams that don't have a good #1 WR which for the most part are bad teams. Maybe that convinces him to stay, but probably not.

The one exception that would scare me to death is New England. They don't have a true #1 receiver and Wallace would be a major coup for them.
In addition to the above

Arizona - He's be a #2
Chicago - #2
Giants - Hard to tell but I think Nicks and Cruz are better overall WRs
Eagles - #3
NO - #3
Texans - #2
Lions - #2
Falcons - #3 at best
Bengals - Likely the #2
Dallas - #2 or #3
49ers - Probably #2 (maybe)

I could keep going but I won't.

I could see the Browns, Carolina and Miami be a likely target. I'm sure there are a few others as well.