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You are correct, Chadman, Wallace is still our best WR.

Wallace has 63 catches for 823 yards and 8 TD's and he is despised by fans.
Meanwhile, Heath Miller has 68 catches for 771 yards and 8 TD's and he's beloved.

For how dysfunctional our offense has looked this of late, I would hate to see how much worse it would get if subtracted Wallace's production (not to mention his tendency to draw extra coverage his way which opens up opportunities for others), and we were left with just Brown and Sanders as starters (particularly with their propensity for coughing the ball up lately).

Consider the combined production of Brown and Sanders this year...100 catches for 1253 yards and 4 TD's...in 25 combined games played. Wallace's best season by himself...in 16 games...was 60 catches for 1257 yards and 10 TD's. Even with Brown finally catching TD's in back-to-back games in the last 2 weeks, Wallace still, in a down year for him statistically, in an offense which does not suit his talents to a 'T', and without any OTA's, minicamps, or training camps, he still has twice as many TD catches this season as Brown and Sanders combined.
Thanks for making this point. Wallace is a quality player and I'm hopeful to keep him. I don't know what "breaking the bank" means for him, but he should be paid like the Steelers best WR because he is.