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We need a dominant NT.

And too his credit, James Harrison tries to get the ball every chance he gets. He even fights guys after he tackles them. I get a feeling he's ready to explode. If we could just get Troy and Ben to up their games, we might be ok.
I'll sing the old song "We need the 4-3!"

We don't have the players to successfully do the 3-4. You need dominant OLBs and we don't have them. Harrison tries hard but doesn't get to the QB anymore. Woodley has gotten fat and happy on his big contract and is a non-factor. Our pass rush is pathetic and on track for one of the worst sack totals in two decades. Same with Interceptions. This is a two to three year trend and it is time to wake up a recognize we need a major change not a cosmetic one or waiting two to three more years to get the players to "maybe" turn it around.